Acupuncture Without Needles

Modern microcurrent therapy offers a non-needle method for patients to experience the benefits of acupuncture. Needle acupuncture is the original microcurrent therapy, as traditional acupuncture needles generate measurable electrical charges when twirled by the doctor’s fingers, and needles left in tend to drain excess electrical energy from tense or inflamed tissue. Microcurrent Bio-Therapy (MBT) is an extremely effective therapy that may be used instead of needles to promote healing. Alleviation of pain, inflammation, spasm, restricted range of motion, and tissue damage can be treated at the cellular level. Some of the most enthusiastic advocates of microcurrent therapy, professional athletes and their trainers have maintained that such treatment has significantly shortened time on injury lists.

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Extremely low frequencies (0.3 - 10 Hz) and intensities (25-150 microamperes) are applied to selected acupuncture points with hand held probes or pads. This very low frequency range is resonant with normal electrical activity of the human body. Little or no electric current is felt. MBT utilizes currents that are several hundred to a thousand times lower than conventional electric stimulation.

Although immediate and dramatic results are frequently reported from MBT, it is common for there to be a 24-48 hour lapse before results are noted especially for "healing mode" treatments that are aimed at treating the underlying problem.


Treatment times may vary from a few minutes to an hour. Typically 5-10 minutes are sufficient for treatment with hand held probes. Subsequent periods of 5-10 minutes utilizing pad electrodes may follow.

In the case of acute dysfunction, daily treatments will enhance recovery. Think of injured tissue like a depleted battery. The more often electrochemical energy levels in the cells are replenished, the more readily inflammation and pain are diminished. Pain and range of motion may be used as major indicators of recovery, but it is advisable not to stop treatments prematurely before tissues are fully healed.


MBT can be very effective for both immediate pain relief and acceleration of tissue healing.

When treating chronic conditions, it is important that MBT be given an adequate trial. Often results are not apparent in the first one or two treatments. Relief of your pain is important, but the goal is to resolve underlying pathology so as to give long lasting or permanent relief. For patients in acute pain with muscle spasm who may require stronger nerve stimulation for initial relief, such stimulation is limited, and followed by MBT, massage and range of motion exercises to establish new muscle memory.

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